Education can be all that you imagine…

Wishful thinking? Actually, education can realize the rich possibility of every child thriving
as they develop their unique talents and abilities

...and you can make it happen

Even with scant resources and out-moded attitudes and policies, one committed person
or small group can tip the balance of what can be achieved in education.

Why The Education Network?

The Education Network offers a unique approach for people to express their passion for education
and to produce unprecedented, sustained results consistent with their vision.

Who We Are

The Education Network is a national, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to people realizing their aspirations to making a real and lasting difference with students on a day-to-day basis, and to impacting the future of education in their communities.

For more than 30 years, The Education Network has provided highly specialized training in skills that directly impact educators’ ability to bring a spirit of brilliance and creativity to the complex challenges that exist in
classrooms, and to sustain their energy as they navigate the educational system. Participants apply these skills swiftly and naturally to:

Create learning environments that cultivate student participation and responsibility for their own education, resulting in remarkable gains in achievement.

Provide leadership and inspiration in initiatives resulting in effective collaboration with colleagues, higher quality solutions to instructional problems, and successful implementation of school and district-wide projects.

The Education Network methodology has established a track record, with thousands of people, of producing unpredictable results in education. A few proficient educators can make an enormous, sustained impact in their educational environment. At the same time, they experience less stress and frustration, along with increased satisfaction and fulfillment.

All that is possible in education hinges on your capacity to interact effectively with challenges.

Introductory Programs

The Education Network’s introductory programs are designed to empower people to produce extraordinary results in their direct accountabilities in classrooms, committees, schools, and communities.

Access to Breakthrough Teaching

How can I give students more confidence and inspire their best efforts?


Leadership for Education

How can I provide the kind of leadership that brings about a real, long-lasting change in the quality of education in my community?


The Future of Design

How can all the stakeholders in education work together and produce results consistent with their vision?


Custom-Designed Programs Also Available

The Education Network designs programs to meet specific needs of groups,
committees, and organizations within educational communities.

We Believe

The Education Network makes a bold assertion: as a nation we already have everything necessary to have education work – including committed teachers, effective programs, dedicated administrators and parents, and children who are willing and able to learn.

What is missing is an environment that nurtures these valuable resources. The Education Network is committed to supporting people in creating such an environment, a culture that inspires a love of learning, and instills qualities like partnership, creativity, and integrity. In this environment, educators, and anyone involved in education, discover their own vision, express their own leadership, and work together to achieve success with all learners.

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

— W. B. Yeats

Join the thousands of people who have used our methodology to make a real and lasting difference with students and to create a culture where education can reach its full potential.

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